Breast Reduction

Large breasts may cause physical discomfort and can even harm the women who have them — the size and weight of large breasts can result in self-consciousness, improper posture, pain in the back and neck, indentations from bra straps, skin rashes, breathing problems and skeletal deformities. Breast reduction surgery is usually done to provide physical relief from these symptoms, not for cosmetic reasons. Performed under general anesthesia, this procedure removes fat and glandular tissue and trims resultant excess skin to produce smaller, lighter breasts that are in a healthier proportion to the rest of the body. 

There are different techniques available to perform breast reduction surgery depending on the size of the breast and the patient’s goals. The surgeon removes excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin, relocates the nipple and areola, and reshapes the breast skin envelope before closing the incisions with stitches. Liposuction may be used to further contour surrounding areas while minimizing scars. Many patients return to work within one to three weeks and resume exercise about a month’s time.

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