Nose reshaping surgery

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty, is performed to reshape, reduce, or augment a person’s nose. Depending on your desires and the original nose shape, the results may be subtle or dramatic. Rhinoplasty in Englewood is usually an outpatient procedure performed under local or general anesthesia based on the extent of the needed reshaping.

What can rhinoplasty treat?

Rhinoplasty is always a customized procedure. Dr. Callahan will craft a treatment plan to:

  • Reshape the size and proportion of the nose
  • Correct a dorsal hump or a nasal bridge that is too high or too low
  • Refine a bulbous or wide nasal tip
  • Narrow nostril width
  • Change the angle between the nose and the mouth
  • Correct asymmetry or crookedness of the nose
  • Improve the overall facial harmony and balance
  • Address breathing difficulties caused by a deviated septum
  • Correct congenital nasal deformities
  • Repair a broken nose or trauma damage
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Rhinoplasty surgery options

Rhinoplasty can be performed using either an open or closed approach, depending on the specific goals and needs of the patient.

Open rhinoplasty

This technique involves creating a small incision on the columella, the strip of tissue between the nostrils, allowing for direct visualization and access to the underlying nasal structures. Open rhinoplasty is often preferred for complex cases that require extensive reshaping and reconstruction.

Closed rhinoplasty

In this technique, all incisions are made within the nostrils, resulting in no visible external scarring. Closed rhinoplasty is generally recommended for less complex cases, with a shorter operative time and potentially faster recovery.

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Procedure Sculpting your ideal nasal profile

During your initial consultation, Dr. Troy Callahan will comprehensively examine your nasal structure, discuss your concerns, and understand your aesthetic goals. He will create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, considering your natural features, skin type, and the overall harmony and balance of your face.

On the day of the procedure, anesthesia will be administered to ensure your comfort. Dr. Callahan will then make the necessary incisions, either inside the nostrils or in conjunction with a small external incision, based on the extent of the changes needed in your case. Through these incisions, he will reshape and sculpt the underlying nasal structures, including the cartilage and bone, to achieve the desired changes. Once the reshaping is complete, the incisions are carefully closed, and a splint is applied to support the newly sculpted nose over the initial healing phase.

Recovery Unveiling your enhanced nasal contour

Following nose reshaping surgery, it is normal to experience swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort around the nose and eyes. Dr. Troy Callahan will provide detailed post-operative instructions to ensure a smooth recovery. It is crucial to follow these guidelines, which may include:

  • Keeping your head elevated
  • Using cold compresses to reduce swelling
  • Taking prescribed medications as directed

While swelling and bruising will gradually subside over time, it may take several weeks or even months for the full results of your rhinoplasty to be revealed, which will mostly only be noticeable to you. You will notice improved nasal contour and enhanced facial harmony as your nose continues to heal. It is essential to have patience and allow your body sufficient time to heal, as the final results of rhinoplasty can be long-lasting and transformative.

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Why choose us?

Dr. Troy Callahan brings his exceptional expertise and artistic vision to every rhinoplasty procedure in Englewood, NJ. His passion for delivering outstanding results ensures that your desired nasal profile will be achieved with precision and meticulous attention to detail. We take the time to listen, understand your goals, and create a customized treatment to help you achieve your aesthetic vision. 

At Northern Jersey Plastic Surgery Center, we stay at the forefront of advancements in rhinoplasty techniques. Dr. Callahan utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and innovative approaches to deliver optimal results. We are committed to comprehensive support and guidance throughout your entire rhinoplasty journey. Our compassionate team will be there for you, addressing any questions or concerns and ensuring your comfort and well-being.

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Transform your profile and balance your features

If you want to enhance your facial harmony, refine your nasal profile, or address functional concerns, rhinoplasty may be the ideal solution. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Troy Callahan at Northern Jersey Plastic Surgery Center servicing patients in Englewood and Hackensack, NJ. Let us be your trusted partner in your rhinoplasty journey, helping you achieve a more balanced and refined nasal appearance to enhance your features.

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